My Yoga Story

I found yoga in 2011 when I moved to Laguna Beach, California to study painting at Laguna College of Art + Design. So you can see, from the beginning my art and my yoga were connected. I began practicing Asana (the physical practice of yoga, one of the eight limbs of the yogic path), as a way to relieve stress from school and to reverse the effects of long hours of sitting or standing at an easel. I was expecting yoga to strengthen my body (which it did), but I was blown away by it's calming affect on my racing mind. Years of school went by and my yoga practice was consistently inconsistent. I would get back into it when I felt I needed a boost, and then let it go right when I truly needed it. Toward the end of my schooling, I began practicing with a few yoga teachers who were truly inspirational. Before finishing art school, I had already signed up for a yoga teacher training program for the following year. After graduating with my BFA, having spent 4 years committed to art, I knew I finally had the time to commit to yoga.

I became a Certified Yoga Teacher after completing Jamie Hanson's Empowered Yoga Teach Training program in March of 2016. 



My journey so far...

I completely my 200 hour Empowered Yoga Teach Training in March of 2016.


Why Yoga...

Yoga is a lifestyle. 

Healing yourself through yoga

Become the ultimate healer of your own body.