Emmalyn Tringali is a contemporary representational painter, trained in classical oil painting and drawing. She studied painting and drawing at Laguna College of Art + Design in Laguna Beach, CA and the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Emmalyn currently resides in Cleveland, OH where she has a studio in her home by Lake Erie.

Emmalyn is passionate about the people and environment around her. She is an art activist working towards creating a more love filled world. With her landscape and figurative paintings, she emphasizes the connection between all things; whether it be trees and sky, or figures in an environment. Emmalyn believes in the power of art, and hopes that her paintings will be able to share her love of the world with others. With her figures, she hopes to inspire love between individuals. Through her landscapes she hopes to inspire a greater care for the natural world. 

Her works can be found in private collections throughout the United States and in the permanent collections of The Florence Academy of Art and Laguna College of Art and Design.